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Rose Leslie on her new SF thriller Morgan, on Downtown Abbey, Luther – and of course Game of Thrones. ‘Getting your kit off was almost like a rite of passage for a woman within the series.’ (Sunday Telegraph, September 2016)

Rosie Leslie by Rahel Weiss, from the Sunday Telegraph

“A lot of people thought I was having some sort of early mid-life crisis’ – Cate Blanchett on stepping back from film in favour of theatre, on her children, and on Truth, a film that uses an incident during George’s Bush’s 2004 election campaign to examine the growing pressures on journalists and the start of post-truth politics. (Telegraph magazine, February 2016.)

Few child stars get to enjoy a credible adult career, but Kirsten Dunst is an exception. Over breakfast in Los Angeles, she talks about making her TV debut in Fargo, indie films, and making smart choices. And she also reveals that she’s ready now to have children of her own.

(The Gentlewoman, February 2016)




After two years of secrecy, US Marine turned cool indie actor Adam Driver finally gets to talk about his role in Star Wars – and confesses that since watching the first episode of Girls, he’s never seen himself on-screen. ‘I’m full of self-doubt and self-hatred and things I want to change and can’t change. It’s better for me to do it, and then not think about it.’ (Telegraph magazine, December 2015)

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens


Detective John Luther, ‘the big man with a big walk’, returns to our TV screens for an explosive fourth season. On set in East London, and in conversation with the show’s star Idris Elba, its writer Neil Cross, and director Sam Miller. (Telegraph magazine, December 2015)

Brooklyn is Saoirse Ronan‘s first truly adult role. It’s also her most personal role to date, filmed in Enniscorthy, close to where she grew up, and echoing her own parents experience as Irish migrants in New York. ‘Just talking about it, you can see I’m a basket case.’ (Telegraph magazine, October 2015)

Loving The Martian: Andy Weir, a computer geek with a fear of flying, on how his self-published e-book become a Hollywood blockbuster directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon – as well as getting him invited to NASA. (Telegraph magazine, September 2015)

Alicia Vikander in The Man From UNCLE

Swedish actress Alicia Vikander on learning to improvise comedy in The Man From UNCLE, acting in Danish and English, and varying her accent so often for roles that she’s no longer sure what her natural one is. (Sunday Telegraph, August 2015)

Bel Powley, the breakout star of Sundance in 2015 with The Diary Of A Teenage Girl, on playing a feisty 15-year-old comic book fan, Mary Shelley, and a young Princess Margaret out on the town. (Sunday Telegraph, July 2015)

“I was lucky. Harry Potter changed my life.” British producer David Heyman talks about Paddington, about Gravity, and why he chooses to run one of the world’s most successful independent film production companies from a tiny office in Denmark Street. (Telegraph magazine, November 2014)

Keeping the faith: first-time director Elaine Constantine ended up gambling everything in order to capture the club scene she grew up with in her live-affirming film Northern Soul. From the Telegraph magazine, October 2014.

On set as Northern Soul revives the spirit of the Wigan Casino


John Slattery on saying goodbye to Mad Men‘s Roger Sterling, and hello to a new career as a director. (Telegraph magazine, August 2014)

Bryan Cranston on life after Breaking Bad. (Telegraph magazine, May 2014)

Juliette Binoche plays a photojournalist in A Thousand Times Goodnight, telling a story, she says, that needed to be told. (Telegraph magazine, April 2014)

Mark Strong, Hollywood’s villain of choice, on bringing Arthur Miller to the London stage. (Telegraph magazine, March 2014)

Scarlett Johansson on falling in love, falling out with Oxfam, and playing an alien in Under The Skin. (Telegraph magazine, March 2014)

Jump! On set of the the third series of Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss. (Telegraph magazine, January 2014)

Sandra Bullock on making Gravity, becoming a mum, and taking a break from the rom-com. (Telegraph magazine, October 2013)

The charming Joseph Gordon Levitt talks Don Jon, porn and DIY television. (Telegraph magazine, November 2013)

Ethan Hawke turns Sinister and talks about his long collaboration with director Richard Linklater. (Telegraph Men’s Style, October 2012)



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